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          Informational Meeting for Level One Class

          Saturday, Sept. 12th, 1:00 p.m. 

                Email Patti Bee:

Level One - October 15, 2015   6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

           - Then Registration Closes for 18 months

Welcome to The Madison Psychic Institute!

     Have you suspected that you have psychic intuitive insights that you have maybe had to hide or not really known how to begin to become more adept with those inclinations?  Or, maybe you flat out know you see the psychic realm, and have really been concerned about opening “Pandora’s box” if you did try to work with those energies, a bit unsure how to navigate once you go there?
     You are in the right place. Our societal culture mostly teaches us that the psychic realms and gifts are not real, or if they at least hint that there’s at least “something,” the message is a bit like, “you probably should not explore there, or tell too many people that.” 
     Come learn how you can be a part of a community that will validate your gifts as real and teach you to learn how to master your psychic space (same as your energy field), in a place where your psychic “voice” can be heard and you no longer have to hide.  Come learn about this rich psychic school tradition and how you can easily understand your psychic ability, awaken it more fully, and begin to OWN IT as yours, and only yours.  You will learn to keep yourself grounded & cleared regularly in very special ways that you will not have studied or learned about in other traditions. 

  5 Benefits to Professional Psychic Training

       ~  Safe & Ethical Psychic Standards
     ~   A Safe Space to Develop Raw Talent into Skill
      ~  MPI is Affiliated with the Berkeley Psychic Institute
     ~    This is a long-standing Psychic School Tradition
       ~  High Caliber Psychic Clairvoyant Training Program

     Have you mastered other things in your life and this area has been a concern because by not mastering the psychic realms, it gets in the way of your life in some way?  It’s real! But not permanent. Those things that hold you back, are many times psychic energy in your space. They don’t have to be there forever. You really can get to know your own psychic terrain, and profoundly support your own healing for whatever needs healing in your life.
     Sometimes just healing this belief: “I can never really get away from that stuff in my space, and being so sensitive is a curse instead of a gift,” can make a huge advancement in your personal growth and change your life.  That kind of transformation and real change, is available here.   
     We all need a safe place to learn and grow to do that kind of psychic work for ourselves.  Here at the Madison Psychic Institute, you can develop your fledgling psychic gifts into seasoned, mature mastery.  We all should have had that typed of training starting at 5 years old. Most of us were highly sensitive people, who had no place where we got that mirrored back to us, that our special abilities & insights, were valued & valid.  I like to call it psychic kindergarten, that safe space. 

    7 Results Patti's Students Rave About

        ~   Consistently Clearing other Energies from your Aura

        ~   Really being able to Own Your Psychic Space 
        ~   Clearing Programming for New Amazing Outcomes

        ~   Transforming old Patterns by Clearing Foreign Energies 

        ~   Being Validated & Valued in a Group that GETS YOU!

        ~   Increasing Your Psychic Clairvoyance & Doing Readings

        ~   Feeling Adept at Navigating the Psychic Realms

     You can now take action and give yourself that gift. This high calibre psychic training is affiliated with the Berkeley Psychic Institute Tradition, in Berkeley California. Join the many who have transformed their lives by mastering their raw psychic talents & highly sensitive nature, in an atmosphere that is non-competitive, validating, safe, ethical, and will fill you with ease & joy.  All of that is available here, at the Madison Psychic Institute. 
     These teachings are easily understood & you will feel tangible results that are just delicious if you have been bogged down by other people's "psychic goo" in your space, or have been experiencing other energies in or around you. Learn how to use your own self-clearing routine to strengthen your psychic clairvoyance, and develop the 7 Psychic Maturity Skills.

     Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, is the Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute. She trained with teachers who trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  They later taught at BPI, and then opened a center in Boulder, Colorado, where Patti attended psychic school for 2 years. Patti is a Certified Psychic Teacher in this tradition. She has been bringing these fine teachings to the Madison Area for the past two years through the Madison Psychic Institute.

Email Patti Today to RSVP and reserve a spot in the upcoming Informational Meetings on Sept. 12 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. (also on the 26).
Level One Class - October 15  -- Then all classes closed for 18 months.


If you know you are very sensitive and just don't know where to start, in understanding your psychic gifts and talents, our classes are for you. Or, if you have already done some classes to understand your own energy field, and psychic talents, but now want the highest calibre of training available, you are in the right place.  If you want to learn to enhance your intuitive skills, and make sure you are doing that with integrity, we can offer that guidance and training.  

Here at the Madison Psychic Institute, you will lean how to stop being a  "Psychic Sponge" and then find ways to develop into Psychic Mastery.  You will also learn how to navigate your own energy field, and how to interact psychically with the world (and others) around you, in an ethical and safe manner.  

Many times people find our school because they want to know how to clear others out of their energy field, and learn how to maintain psychic boundaries.  This tradition of psychic training is all about maintaining psychic boundaries, by means of learning to maintain your own energy field, and disconnect from others and other psychic entities that get in the way of that.  

More information on MPI below.  More on Classes, Our Community,
and how we support each other in developing our sensitivities, click on the links to the right.   

Please be sure to check out our FREE CLASSES.  

Our Community 

The Madison Psychic Institute, in Madison, WI, is a continuation of a long-standing, ethical and professional psychic school tradition, that was started by the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  And this excellent training is now here, in Madison, Wisconsin.  We teach psychic classes that will open you up to a whole new world.  And for you very sensitive souls, a world where you sensitivity will become a valuable asset and not the liability that many report that it has become.  Or, if being so sensitive has not become quite an issue, then you will learn how to take something you possess and turn it into a power source for yourself.  

Patti Bee, the founder, and teacher, was trained at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado, by teachers that trained, and used to teach, at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  The curriculum is based on this amazing lineage of psychic training and psychic classes.  It is the same curriculum that professional psychics around the world revere as the highest caliber of psychic training and psychic classes available.  

And oh the places you will go!                     Class Registration 

Well, in your own energy field that is.  You will learn to understand your own 'psychic space', and how to stop sponging up everyone else's 'psychic garbage'.   If you are very sensitive, then you know what I am talking about when I say "being a psychic sponge."  Your sensitivity becomes an asset instead of a liability.  

The work of a psychic is really to keep their psychic space (energy field) cleared before, during, and after conducting healings or readings on others.  However, you do not have to pursue being a Professional Psychic, to take our psychic classes.

These psychic classes offer step-by-step training, providing a solid foundation for "being in the world" without constant energetic interference. The curriculum at the Madison Psychic Institute, is what links us to the long tradition of psychic institutes.  Here at MPI, you will also connect with other senstive intuitive people and feel the support of a classroom full of people with psychic gifts.  And be in a space where those gifts are validated as real.  This support creates bonds of friendship as well as a communal feeling that you belong here, on this planet. MPI acknowledges you and your gifts and we are happy to support you in your psychic growth and psychic development. 

Our psychic classes stand out and rise to the top as a very high caliber of training. And the buzz around town is beginning to "sing" with the same sentiment from those who have already experienced the classes.  
You will build skills and develop your raw psychic talents into solid and grounded psychic ability.  Please see Patti Bee's Bio for information on your teacher.   

Please see the Psychic Classes for course descriptions and content. The Madison Psychic Institute also offers an excellent Certificate Program.  Visit the Psychic Clairvoyant Program page for more information. 

Classes Start Soon!  Begin your psychic training, understand your powers, heal your energy field, and heal your Life.  To learn more sign up for the Madison Psychic Institute's free newsletter!

Visit the Psychic Classes &  Class Schedule pages for more information. Check out the upcoming FREE CLASSES that are an absolute gift to the community here in Madison.  

"Please Join me, I would be so happy to meet you all and serve you in this way."  -Patti Bee

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