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    *     Unsure what you're doing with Your Psychic Gifts? 
    *     Is this a HUGE part of Your Soul's Expression . . . 
               . . . that you CAN'T seem to FULLY ACCESS yet? 

KNOW WHERE TO START & Gain Psychic Confidence ~ YES ! 

     Hi I'm Patti Bee, M.S., Psychic Path Empowerment Mentor 

    I help under-developed psychics like you, who don't exactly know what they're doing with their psychic gifts. I help you to find confidence with your psychic ability, and claim more of yourself as a psychic.  You can finally get some support regardless of if you just want to develop your psychic ability for a hobby or become a professional psychic reader. 

     Many times my students have come to me craving a step-by-step, psychic training program that can make up for lost time. They have felt the pain of being so psychically sensitive and yet having not mentors as they had to usually  shut off their ability when they were young, just to get by in our psychically invalidating culture that most of us grew up in.  Then once their psychic ability "turned on" again, they found they were kind of bumbling around for a number of years, not knowing how to get really good mentoring. 

    I can help. I felt that as well on my own journey to allowing my psychic ability back in my life, and here's what I found.  Most people really are psychic. We just had to shut it down once we noticed (very unconsciously usually) that others around us didn't seem to be having the same experiences as us.  But just because that may have happened to you, doesn't really determine if you are "psychic enough" to be a "real psychic." It just means your growth & development has been stunted. 

     And that is were my expertise can really help you.  I've been a Professional Psychic for 24 years, and also have training as a Professional Educator, with expertise in Human Development.  I am an Expert Psychic Curriculum Development  Specialist, so my classes are specially tailored for those who missed out the full development of their psychic gifts in their younger years.   

    With 35 years on the alternative spiritual path, combined with my areas of expertise, I really know the ropes on what it takes to actually properly develop real psychic skills in a psychic training class.  When it is done right, you will find not only your psychic skills develop in powerful ways, but also, your entire life is going to get more powerful as well.  

    If you feel you are not using your psychic gifts to your full potential, then you are in the right place. My work helps you find confidence in yourself as a psychic. You will know where to start, and you will begin to find yourself getting exceptional psychic training. Please accept my gift to you.  My  Free Audio Class: Exercises for Psychic Path Confidence.  

    Right this moment you can start to own your psychic path more that, and claim yourself more as the sensitive, psychic that you are.  You know it's real. You know you have had pretty noticeable psychic experiences. And somewhere deep down in you probably know you are not going to be fully fulfilled until you become more adept at developing your psychic skills. 
    I would be so happy to support you on your journey. And along the way I tend to offer free classes and materials to support you on your psychic path.  It's easy to accept this gift.  Click the button below.  

Many Blessings for your most fulfilled Life! 
                                  Patti Bee, M.S.   
                                   Professional Psychic - 24 yrs.
                                   Expert Psychic Curriculum Developer 
                                   Madison Psychic Institute, Founder
                                   Certified Psychic Teacher  
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You really CAN BE

Masterful as a  

   Spirit in a Body  

in Your Psychic Space  . . . That's the  

        foundational work to build towards 

Mastery with your Psychic Gifts . . . 

 Then, the Spirit-Body Feedback Loop

   actually works quite well  . . .  and

    You Tap into Powerful Manifesting 
      for Healing Yourself & Others . . .

  and that, Transforms Your Entire Life. 

   With Exceptional Psychic Training

      you get ALL of THAT . . . and learn

   . . . Amazing Psychic Reading Skills   

 & Empowerment with Your Psychic Gifts  

          Shining YOUR FULL LIGHT !! 

     You no longer have to feel like you don't know where to start  You can start here with a FREE GIFT - And you no longer have to feel stalled. You landed here, reading about my work. That was an action forward to find out more. I support you and validate you for that step!  You no longer have to feel like you are hiding this crucial part of Your Soul.  

Hi, I'm Patti Bee, M.S., 
    The Psychic Path Empowerment Mentor 

    I offer support & validation for your psychic experiences & also solid & ethical psychic classes, and . . . to get you started, I offer some FREE CLASSES.  Get your's now so you can start building confidence in yourself as a psychic being, regardless of if that means you want to be a psychic reader, or you just want to understand your psychic gifts and use them in some other type of service. You are in the right place !! 

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   Is all this Really Possible ?  

     Yes! In an Exceptional Psychic Training Program taught in the space of Honorable Psychic Boundaries & Ethical Psychic Practices, you will find these results.  And that's exactly what you'll get at the Madison Psychic Institute with Patti Bee, as you psychic teacher. 

   Is this for me?  

     Patti Bee, M.S. The Psychic Path Confidence Mentor, 
helps psychics who've had psychic experiences but feel unsure about how to own themselves as psychic. They don't know where to start so they feel stalled in how to expand their psychic path with confidence. 

      You're in the right place if you have felt any of this. Many of Patti's students felt that they just knew they were never going to be all the way fulfilled in this lifetime, until they became more adept with their psychic gifts. Sound familiar?  

      Have you been successful in other areas of your life? But you still feel compelled to understand and find a way to feel you can control and become masterful with your psychic gift?  Do you feel like this is a big part of your soul that's been pretty suppressed, or not fulfilled like it possibly could be?  

You're in the right place !! Your psychic gift was probably not very validated by the bigger culture in your world growing up.  It wasn't for most people with psychic sensitivity. You're not alone.  Patti is here to support your journey toward owning & growing your psychic path.  

    What do you provide? 

     Patti's students find certainty with their psychic gifts, consistently increase psychic reading skills, get validation, and find confidence in being psychic. And, all in a safe learning environment that promotes ethical & honorable psychic practices. 

     Read the testimonials from Patti's students and how this work empowered their psychic skills, and also how it transformed their lives!  

     Patti will also provide many free trainings soon as a part of launching her psychic trainings online with the Psychic Path Confidence Program. 

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Hi, I'm Patti Bee,   

I have been a Professional Psychic for 23 years, I am a Certified Psychic Teacher, and I’m the Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute. I have been on a spiritual path for 35 years, having studied with numerous world masters, as well as having had 5 years of Professional Psychic Training. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, as well as a Master’s Degree, in Counseling. 

Later this year, I will be launching my online psychic training, The Psychic Path Confidence Program. 

My work also provides very well grounded, Spirit-in-a-Body Mastery, whereby your Spirit / Body Feedback Loop actually works very well, and you can heal anything in your energy field, and quite literally create your life in manifested form, with power & ease.  

Find my SPECIAL FREE GIFT  here and enjoy the many free trainings that I will offer as a part of launching the online programs.  

I look forward to serving you and supporting you to 
Own Your Psychic Path ! 

Many Blessing,


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Start Your Journey Today! Get Psychic Path Support now with Patti's FREE GIFT. 

GET RESULTS that will shift your energy field and shift your skill in psychic protection AND start you on the journey to OWN YOUR PSYCHIC PATH !!  

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Later this year -- Coming Soon !  Psychic Path Confidence Program. 

Our Community 
Well, in your own energy field that is.  You will learn to understand your own 'psychic space', and how to stop sponging up everyone else's 'psychic garbage'.   If you are very sensitive, then you know what I am talking about when I say "being a psychic sponge."  Your sensitivity becomes an asset instead of a liability.  If you are looking for an online psychic course this is the right psychic course for you.  MY psychic class will give you the psychic support you are looking for. 

You can find us online everywhere in the United States, psychic ability, psychic class Scotland, psychic ability Australia, psychic course New Zealand, psychic training Canada, psychic class Ireland, psychic ability United Kingdom, and psychic development South Africa.  

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