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 What you get at The Madison Psychic Institute: 
     Suspecting you have psychic intuitive insights?  Or, you flat out see the psychic realms? Highly sensitive person and not sure what to do next?   You are in the right place!  Has it been painful to be around a lot of people?  Or, pretty o.k. with all that, but just have a hunch there is more to all of this?  Or, you just don't know where to begin, or if you will be opening "Pandor's Box" if you try to open up to your Psychic Gifts.  
     The Madison Psychic Institute is an ethical, safe, and non-competitive tradition of Psychic Training that can help.   
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      Our societal culture mostly does not value & validate the psychic realms.  You probably grew up without the proper mentors to help you with your psychic sensitivities.  Nor was there any guidance that could validate your experiences. That mentoring is available now, and in a way where your psychic boundaries will be honored & respected with integrity.   
Patti Bee, M.S., is a Certified Psychic Teacher and has been a Professional Psychic for 22 years.  She is the Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute, which is based on the Berkeley Psychic Institute Lineage of Ethical Psychic Schools.
     Come learn how you can be a part of a community that will validate your gifts as real and teach you to learn how to master your psychic space (same as your energy field), in a place where your psychic “voice” can be heard and you no longer have to hide.  Come learn about this rich psychic school tradition and how you can easily understand your psychic ability, awaken it more fully, and begin to OWN IT as yours, and only yours.  You will learn to keep yourself grounded & cleared regularly in very special ways that you will not have studied or learned about in other traditions. 
  7 Benefits to Professional Psychic Training
       ~  Feeling Your own Certainty as a Psychic 
       ~  Being Validated & Valued in a Group that GETS YOU!
       ~  Having a Safe Space to Develop Raw Talent into Skill
       ~  Long-standing Psychic School Tradition that is Ethical 
       ~  High Caliber Psychic Clairvoyant Training Program
       ~  Career Longevity avoiding "Psychic Burn Out" 

     Come feel what it's like to find your center in a way that is connected to this most precious gift that you have been given. Start to feel your own confidence that you know what you are doing in your psychic space and when you do healings & readings for others.  Experience the power of noticing another energy is in your space and you know you can clear it. And it won't take all day, or all week. Relish in the skills to be able to clear you space in minutes, and stay that way for days at a time. Experience the knowing & peace that comes from being adept with your natural psychic abilities that you have not quite known what to do with as of yet.  You know now. 

MPI Student Testimonial
MPI Student Testimonial
"Patti is a gifted teacher and psychic. In her psychic development classes, she shares her vast knowledge and experience, as well as empowers and validates her students, always with ethics, and in a safe and supportive environment. When I first went to her intro class, I really had no idea what to expect. I left feeling great: well grounded, armed with basic tools for clearing my own energy space, and signed up for level one. I ended up taking all five levels – and am so glad I did! I have gained many tools and refined my own psychic skills, but, even more importantly, I have also grown as a spiritual being and am better off for it." ~ Michelle Herring, Madison, WI




and how we support each other in developing our sensitivities, click on the links to the right.   
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Our Community 
The Madison Psychic Institute, in Madison, WI, is a continuation of a long-standing, ethical and professional psychic school tradition, that was started by the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  And this excellent training is now here, in Madison, Wisconsin.  We teach psychic classes that will open you up to a whole new world.  And for you very sensitive souls, a world where you sensitivity will become a valuable asset and not the liability that many report that it has become.  Or, if being so sensitive has not become quite an issue, then you will learn how to take something you possess and turn it into a power source for yourself.  
Patti Bee, the founder, and teacher, was trained at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado, by teachers that trained, and used to teach, at the  Ethical Lineage  The curriculum is based on this amazing lineage of psychic training and psychic classes.  It is the same curriculum that professional psychics around the world revere as the highest caliber of psychic training and psychic classes available.  
And oh the places you will go!                   
Well, in your own energy field that is.  You will learn to understand your own 'psychic space', and how to stop sponging up everyone else's 'psychic garbage'.   If you are very sensitive, then you know what I am talking about when I say "being a psychic sponge."  Your sensitivity becomes an asset instead of a liability.  
The work of a psychic is really to keep their psychic space (energy field) cleared before, during, and after conducting healings or readings on others.  However, you do not have to pursue being a Professional Psychic, to take our psychic classes.
These psychic classes offer step-by-step training, providing a solid foundation for "being in the world" without constant energetic interference. The curriculum at the Madison Psychic Institute, is what links us to the long tradition of psychic institutes.  Here at MPI, you will alsoonnect with other senstive intuitive people and feel the support of a classroom full of people with psychic gifts.  And be in a space where those gifts are validated as real.  This support creates bonds of friendship as well as a communal feeling that you belong here, on this planet. MPI acknowledges you and your gifts and we are happy to support you in your psychic growth and psychic development. 
Our psychic classes stand out and rise to the top as a very high caliber of training. And the buzz around town is beginning to "sing" with the same sentiment from those who have already experienced the classes.  

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