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Psychic Development 

Don't Know Where to Start ?

You are in the right place if you're . . .

  •   Not sure how to use Your Psychic Gifts
  •   Yearning Your Deep Soul's Expression 
  •   Want Validation on Your Psychic Path 
  •   Craving a Step-by-Step Psychic System
  •   Really want an Ethical Psychic Mentor 

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Spirit-in-a-Body Mastery 

Your Psychic Gifts are not just a way to do Psychic Readings or Healing for others.  It's your path to Own Your Psychic Space, and Master Your experience as a Spirit-in-a-Body on this earth. Imagine if you felt completely adept, when someone got in your psychic energy space, & could easily clear them out.  Or, you absolutely knew the protocols to own your space fully before, during and after doing readings. Ever experience psychic backlash?  Spirit-in-a-Body Mastery means you can skillfully navigate your Psychic Energy Field in the presence of others, and it is an integral component of high calibre psychic development training. 

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Patti Bee, M.S.

​Expert Psychic Development Mentor​ 

Patti helps under-developed psychics . . . who just know their psychic gifts are a deep expression of their soul's light, but they're not all sure how to access that.  If you don't know where to start, or aren't really sure what you're doing, Patti's Step-by-Step Psychic Development Blueprint will bring you from psychic "unsure" to Spirit-in-a-Body Mastery in Your Psychic Energy Field. You will b well grounded in Adept Psychic Skills. in new ways that will prevent  "psychic burnout."  Patti empowers her students to gain Psychic Proficiency & find ethical  Psychic Creation Power as well.  

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 Psychic Confidence 


Really? There's a Blueprint for Psychic Development?.  Yes, for those that want really professional training, gaining access to little known secrets that really up-level your psychic learning & growth in BIG WAY !! When Psychic Training is designed with expert psychic curriculum it really makes up for all that lost psychic development that you missed out on in your growing up. You gain exceptional skills for empowering your psychic ability as a Spirit in Your Psychic Energy Field.  And become Adept at Psychic Reading Skills as well. Read More . . . 

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What our Students are saying ! 

"Patti's classes have made such a difference in my relationship to other people, both my close family & friends.  Without feeling like everyone is invading my psychic space, I can now stay much more neutral most of the time. This has really helped how I respond, and how I stay grounded if someone else is "dumping" their bad day.  I feel so much more power in how I can create my day, my mood, and my life. These classes just need to be required Planet Earth curriculum for any spirit having a body experience here.  I am so grateful for  this new and crucial understanding of the psychic me."  

Lisa Crawford, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

TESTIMONIALS . . .       

Michelle Herring  

"Patti Bee is a gifted teacher & psychic.  In her psychic development classes she shares her vast experience as well as empowers and validates her students; always with ethics and in a safe and supportive environment.  When I first went to her into. event, I really had no idea what to expect.  I left feeling great, well-grounded and with tools for clearing my energy space, and I signed up for her entry level class.  I ended up taking all five levels - and I am so glad I did! I have gained many tools and refined my own psychic skills, but more importantly, I have grown as a spiritual being and am better off for it." 

- Michelle Herring, Madison, WI 

We Know How You Feel  . . . 

Psychic Class Online

Jan Tomskey

 "I am so grateful to have completed the psychic development program with Patti Bee. A colleague recommended Patti's program - and I'm so glad she did!  Her approach in class and with her students has warmth, good humor, & integrity. I always felt supported & was encouraged to grow in ways that best suited my own particular psychic gifts.  My new skills help me stay more grounded and aware of my energetic field, which has changed my life for the better in so many ways. These are tools that you can use every day! I highly recommend Patti's courses for enhancing psychic skill level, as well as your personal and spiritual growth."

~ Jan Tomskey, Madison, WI 

We felt that way too ! 

Julie Ann Marie

Over the past 30 years, I have taken many spiritual classes, with many different experienced teachers. Patti is one of a handful that I feel is the ‘real deal’. She is a gifted psychic, is authentic, has integrity & infuses humor in the training. Much class time is experiential followed by sharing. Patti honors the sharing by keeping the class on track.  She offers constructive & helpful ways to work through roadblocks.  I know my own psychic level has sharpened & deepened. I now keep my own space clear &  grounded. And, I am also  empowered to create a life I love. I'm so glad I took this training.

~ Julie Ann Marie, Madison, WI   

Fulfill Your Soul's Deepest Expression of YOU !     Claim Your Psychic Self ! 

Unsure what you're doing with Your Psychic Gifts?

 Is this a HUGE part of Your Soul's Expression . . .

                                         . . . that you CAN'T seem to FULLY ACCESS yet?

KNOW WHERE TO START & Gain Psychic Confidence ~ YES !

You can own your psychic space, which is the same as your aura & c chakra system. You can do that right now and begin to strengthen your psychic ability, and use an online psychic class as well as the confidence building psychic course online, and get great results.  

Patti Bee, M.S.

Professional Psychic - 24 yrs.

Expert Psychic Curriculum Developer

Madison Psychic Institute, Founder

Certified Psychic Teacher

 Your psychic ability really can lead to blaring adept psychic reading, really solid psychic healing, as well as finding your Soul's Purpose.  If you have taken Reiki, this will be a new type of energy work healing to learn. If you call yourself a Lightwkrker, Empath, Intuitive or Healer, you are doing to want to know how to gain psychic skills with out burnout.  

I teach little know psychic spiritual anatomy that leads to way way better  psychic protection. I my psychic reading class, you firs have to learn a better system for understanding your aura & chakras, and that is the real key to developing much better psychic skills.   You may think that is you are already a lightwkrker or have taken Reiki the you know this.  But many Empaths with Intuitive skills have experiences feeling like a psychic sponge.  You can have lots of  room to grow to increase you psychic reading, and enhance your psychic gifts, regardless of your previous energy work training. 

This is psychic training to help you better own your psychic path and become much more adept as a sprit in a body with empathic sensitivity, doing healing touch.   


Our Community

Well, in your own energy field that is. You will learn to understand your own 'psychic space', and how to stop sponging up everyone else's 'psychic garbage'. If you are very sensitive, then you know what I am talking about when I say "being a psychic sponge." Your sensitivity becomes an asset instead of a liability. If you are looking for an online psychic course this is the right psychic course for you. MY psychic class will give you the psychic support you are looking for.

If you are looking for a Psychic Course in New Zealand, or a psychic class in New Zealand, our online classes can accommodate you as well as anyone who wants a psychic class in Australia, along with this who need a psychic class in the United Kingdom. The online psychic class in Scotland, is going to be the same psychic class in Ireland, and will give your the transformation of your psychic skills you are looking for.  The online psychic class for Canada, and the psychic Course for Australia, will do the same thing. You will learn to take your new psychic gifts and through the Psychic Course in the United Kingdom, and the Psychic Course in Scotland, you will find adept skills for reading, doing healing, as well as psychic protections. If you are concerned about your psychic space and need a Psychic Course  for someone in Ireland, this will work, as well as the same class is tight online to those who want a Psychic Course in Canada.

Click the button above to  receive the free  psychic workshop, and check out all the psychic classes online.   With a psychic ability class, you will get really great psychic ability development in this training.  You Psychic ability will flourish in this psychic ability training class.  You could also say it is a psychic ability development course. 

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