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Ethics in Psychic Work           

Here at the Madison Psychic Institute we value the ethical practice of psychic interaction, psychic healing, & the practice of ethical psychic readings.  Our curriculum emphasizes the ethical use of psychic work through gaining permission from those that we work with in doing psychic work.  Furthermore, the curriculum makes distinctions in energetic boundaries, how & when it is o.k to be in another person's psychic space, (with permission), and how and when it would be considered unethical.  

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You need to give yourself a lot of permission to realize that if no one ever taught you this before, or modeled it to you properly, there just is no way to know all the ins and outs of this without the proper psychic course to teach you. So, it is really o.k. that you may have messed this up own the past, just being unconscious of what you were doing psychically to others or what they may have been doing to you.  We are all learning.  Now you have the proper support available to you.  Patti has a spirit of permission to make  mistakes in her teaching and allows for this with a loving and forgiving heart.  However, once you really know the proper way to hold psychic boundaries, it is then time to take responsibility for knowing when and how it would be considered unethical practices. 

Patti's classes will nurture you along in this journey. And it is a journey. If you have had unethical psychic space boundaries practiced around you and modeled to you, mostly because that is what is happening in our culture by default, then it could take some time and development to understand the new way. Patti will give you that space to grown and learn and develop the new more masterful way. And man will it make a difference in how you will be able to hold your psychic space, and open up to your psychic gifts becoming stronger.   

Patti will model ethical boundaries in her teachings. Both as a model you can feel  psychically, and with words and the aching to describe exactly how this all happens on an energetic level for proper psychic boundary behavior.  And this all happens in ways that are aligned with respecting everyone's psychic space.
This is one of the highest ways to exist together in life, with dignity and respect for all and without imposing energetically on each other.  

Here at the Madison Psychic Institute, Patti is here to guide you into developing your psychic power in a way that is in alignment with the highest good for all beings everywhere.  Patti teaches energetic boundaries, and how to work ethically in your own energy field so that when you begin to learn more about psychic readings, you know the correct boundaries for seeing and working in someone else's energy field. The psychic classes adhere to these high ethical standards, and Patti is happy to be bringing this ethical standard to the World. 

Our psychic courses and psychic classes are taught all over the world. We serve the following countries with psychic workshops and psychic development courses in the United States, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and South Africa.  

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