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Patti Bee, M.S.                          
The Psychic Path Empowerment Mentor 

Patti Bee, The Psychic Path Empowerment Mentor, helps psychics who are stalled on their psychic path. You probably have had pretty noticeable psychic experiences and yet your are not all sure on what you are doing with your Psychic Gifts.

Or, you just know this is a deep part of Your Soul's Expression, but you aren't able to access in a very masterful way. And that has left you feeling like you are lacking confidence in yourself with your psychic gifts. 

Can you relate?  I have been there and here's what I found. 

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Patti's students find certainty with their psychic gifts, consistently increase psychic reading skills, and step into claiming themselves as psychic. Many of Patti's students show up just knowing they'll never be all the way fulfilled until they become adept with psychic skills.  Deep down they know they are probably psychic in some way, but they've maybe not known how to control their gift, or use it consistently.  

Without a really good psychic mentor, whose really been there, they haven't been able to fully express this huge part of themselves, which is also an integral expression of their Soul's Light.  They feel the tug of having this big part of themselves that feels so unexpressed and they feel like they don't really get to be all of who they could be. 

Patti helps her students take that next step, find exceptional psychic training, and begin to own their psychic path in a way where they begin to own this deep soul part of themselves that they have not known how to tap into before, in a really powerful way.  Patti's students find psychic power that is aligned with non-competition, ethical psychic practices, and psychic boundary respect. And, this all happens in a validating & supportive space, that promotes ethical & honorable psychic practices and a safe learning environment. 
Patti is a Professional Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairvoyant Healer, and a Certified Psychic Teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute and teaches Ethical Psychic Development Classes & Professional Psychic Training.

The past 35 years she has been very dedicated to her own spiritual & personal growth having studied with several well known teachers such as Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Grand Master Mantak Chia, Shanti Barren, Barbara Wilder, Tom Cohen, and Richard Freeman.   She has taken dozens of trainings in Shamanism, Taoism, Law of Attraction, Yuen Method Healing, She's a Reiki Master, Bio-Energetic Touch Healing, Healing Tao Internal Alchemy, Chi Nei Tsang, and Yoga. As well as having had 5 years of Professional Psychic Training.

Patti's Mission is to raise the vibration of the planet by training psychic sensitive people to find authentic power in and with their psychic space, and be masterful in their psychic gifts.  Patti is passionate and joy-filled to educate people in understanding their Psychic Anatomy, Healthy Psychic Boundaries, & Tap into their Psychic Power with Humble & Peaceful Respect for all Beings.
Previously, Patti has had a private practice as a Life Coach for 10 years, having trained with The Coach Training Institute. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. 

It is with devotion and service, intending the Highest Light for All, that Patti welcomes you to the Madison Psychic Institute.  

You could also learn psychic development and become a psychic readers and then

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