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     Own Your Psychic Path

     *  Unsure How to Use Your Psychic Gifts  
               & Access Your Soul's Full Expression?  

      *  Craving Step-by-Step Psychic Development Protocols?
      *  Collecting unrelated techniques with no real building of  
                Psychic Skill or Psychic Confidence?

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Online Training Programs:  

Four Levels of Training 

  1)   Own Your Psychic Path: 
              Solid Foundation Initiation
         ~   Understand Your Psychic Spiritual Control 
            ~   Greatly Improved Psychic Boundaries  
            ~   Confident Psychic Clearing Protocols 
            ~   Much More Effective Grounding Techniques
            ~   Psychic Emotional Balance & Clearing 
  2)    Your Skillful Psychic Path 
         ~   Advanced Psychic Creation Powers 
            ~   Psychic Reading Screen & Reading Skills 
            ~   Advanced Psychic Healing of Others  
            ~   Advanced Psychic Spiritual Anatomy 
            ~   Healing, Clearing & Reading the Bodies: 
                 Astral Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body
  3)   Psychic Clairvoyant Program 
         ~   Psychic Clairvoyant Reading  
            ~   Psychic Reading Protocols   
            ~   Specific Types of Psychic Reading Protocols 
            ~   Deepen Your Psychic Maturity Skills 

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*** IMPORTANT  ***     Level One CLASS began in October, 2015.
                                      Classes are now CLOSED for 18 months.

Join the L1 - Interest List for the next Level One Class:    



 L1, L2, & L3 are 8 Week Sessions  ~  L4  &  L5 are 12 Weeks

LEVEL I - Psychic Skills - Healing & Clearing 

In this class you will learn the following:

       ~ How to understand your Energy Field (Psychic Space)
       ~ Psychic Boundaries & Psychic Development 
       ~ How to effectively Run Your Energy & Ground yourself 
       ~ The difference between Psychic "Seeing" & "Sensing"
       ~ Clearing Cords & Clearing your Energy Field regularly
       ~ Clearing People & Entities out of your Energy Field
       ~ Proper Boundaries & Agreements with Spirit Guides
       ~ Psychic Protection - stop sponging up "psychic goo" 
       ~ Basic Psychic Reading Skills & distinctions 
       ~ Psychic Aura & Chakra Healing on Others
       ~ Psychic Mock Ups & Clear Pictures that run your life
       ~ Beginning Development of Psychic Certainty, Permission, 
          Psychic Seniority, Inner Authority, Psychic Neutrality, 
          & Releasing Competition Energy

LEVEL II - Psychic Skills - Intermediate                 
                 Healing, Clearing & Reading

In this class you will learn the following:
       ~ Psychic Protocols for Professional Readings
       ~ Psychic Self-Clearing Before, During & After Readings 
       ~ How to Read off of a Reading Screen
       ~ How to ask questions as you Read from your Screen
       ~ Psychic Interpretation of what you see 
       ~ How to Read a basic symbol & also Read Pops & Flashes
       ~ How to Gauge Interpretations in a Reading
       ~ How to Read a Past Life
       ~ Communication with your Akashic Record Keeper
       ~ More In-depth Reading & Healing of the Chakras
       ~ Continued work toward Psychic Maturity in Certainty,
          Permission, Seniority, Inner Authority, & Neutrality in 
          your Psychic Development

LEVEL III - Psychic Skills - Upper Intermediate     
                   Reading & Healing

In this class you will learn the following:  
       ~ How to develop more Psychic Clairvoyance 
       ~ When to allow & disallow Psychic Clair-sentience
           (sensing in the body) 
       ~ How to Read Timelines, Gauges, & Value Bars
       ~ How to ask questions as you Read from your Screen
       ~ Higher Level Self-Clearing - Astral Body, Pain Body
          Mental Body, Etheric Body
      ~  Advanced Psychic Protection & Healing Techniques
       ~ Reading the Sex of an Unborn Child & Predicting Children
       ~ Expanding Law of Attraction using your Psychic Skills
       ~ Further Psychic Development towards your Psychic  
          Maturity skills of Certainty, Permission, Seniority, Inner 
          Authority, & Neutrality

LEVEL IV - Psychic Clairvoyant Program - Practicum                 
                      Advanced Reading & Healing 

This work is a combination of Class time for learning Advanced
Skills & Practicum time to embody being a Psychic Reader. 

Class Time:  

       ~ How to integrate special psychic skills into readings
       ~ Advanced Integration of Skills as you do a Reading   
       ~ Medical Intuitive Reading
       ~ Finding Lost Items
       ~ Relationship Readings
       ~ Advanced Healing Techniques - Deprogramming & More
       ~ Consultation Time with your Peers, Self-Eval & Review
       ~ More depth to our Psychic Maturity Skills of Certainty,
          Permission, Seniority, Inner Authority, Neutrality, 
          Amusement & Havingness

Practicum TIme: 
       ~ Doing Psychic Readings for Clients 
       ~ Self Evaluation for Improvement
       ~ Psychic Development of your Havingness for Prof.  
          Psychic Protocols & Yourself as a Psychic Clairvoyant 

LEVEL V  - Psychic Clairvoyant Program - Advanced Internship

All students in this class will be working on individual areas in the MPI Body of Knowledge, that they have identified as important to improve or further develop. 

The Class Format is as follows: 
       ~ Reading Clinic Practicum - In-class on Community Clients 
       ~ Group Consultation 
                  - For in-depth development of Psychic Maturity Skills
                  - Support for "being out" as a Psychic, or not
       ~ Readings & Healing on each other 
       ~ Continued Development of Psychic Clairvoyant Skills 
       ~ Communicating with Deceased Loved Ones in a Reading
       ~ Outside of class - Psychic Readings on Clients 
       ~ Psychic Space Keeper Skills 
       ~ Deeper Integration of All Skills as a Professional Psychic
       ~ Advanced Reading Skills
       ~ Advanced Healing Methods
       ~ The Business of Being a Professional Psychic 

All 6 classes are required for the Certificate. Classes meet in Madison, Wisconsin. Size of Psychic Classes will determine the location in Madison.  

Students are responsible for getting make up information from other classmates.  If you miss a class, there is not a make up provided.  Please make class a priority.  Missing too many classes will disqualify you for moving on to the next level. 

 ** ONCE CLASSES BEGINS registration is CLOSED for 1.5 YEARS, until the next Level One is Taught. Patti Bee is thinking that the direction of the school is going to go online so the FALL 2015 may be the LAST IN PERSON CLASS taught by MPI **

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These classes will create the Best Psychics Madison WI.  And Patti Bee is one of the best psychics in Madison as well.  Here psychic gifts are of a high calibre and very professional as a Psychic Clairvoyant. 

We serve the main english speaking countries of the world through our online psychic workshops and psychic classes. You can easily find us in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, and Canada, as well as the United States. 

The Madison Psychic Institute is a school that teaches psychic development, energetic boundaries, psychic training, psychic reading, how to clear your energy field, psychic clearing, psychic protection, and if you like, how to be psychic clairvoyant.  Patti Bee is the founder of the Madison Psychic Institute which is based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Our psychic classes are a part of a psychic school tradition that goes back to the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  We can help you take your raw psychic talent and learn to ethically use your psychic powers. We will teach you the differences between being a medium and being clairvoyant, as well as help you discover how to safely use psychic protection so that you can maintain energetic boundaries while learning psychic seeing.  Our psychic training will have you understanding when you would want to be a medium, when to use your psychic sense, and when you might not want to.  The Madison Psychic Institute, in Madison, Wisconsin is a psychic development class of the highest caliber available anywhere.   Please sign up for our email list and call today to sign up for a class. Psychic Classes start soon.  

You could also learn psychic development and become a psychic readers and then do psychic readings for your friends or become a professional psychic reader. 

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