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Series # 2 - Top 5 Reasons People are Intimidated to Use Their Psychic Gifts

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Series # 2 - Top 5 Reasons People are Intimidated to Use Their Psychic Gifts
Series of Articles on The Top 5 Reasons People are Intimidated to Use Their Psychic Gifts.
Psychic Path Confidence - FREE Audio Workshop Download
FREE - Psychic Confidence Workshop
Need a More Effective Psychic Clearing Method? ~ 3 BIG TIPS


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Series # 2 - Top 5 Reasons People are Intimidated to Use Their Psychic Gifts

Reason # 2: Our Psychic Gifts Weren’t Validated

As psychically sensitive people, many of us experienced situations where validation for the psychic realm was not mirrored back to us. Early on we noticed we possessed a mysterious talent that others did not seem to have. We keenly tried to decipher how others were going to accept us, or not, if we revealed our psychic ability.  No one else around us was really talking about anything psychic, and it felt as if we had something that really did not exist at all. Were we crazy? 

When we did get psychic information and revealed it, we saw the looks of horror reflected back to us. We got the message.  “Do not express this part of yourself,” or, “that falls outside the lines of what is considered, normal,” or possibly even,  “you will not be accepted for this.”  Lacking skill, sometimes our psychic gifts came spewing out anyways. Then, our psychic inclinations led to tension in our relationships and created a pretty strong fear in us of losing the support structures in our lives. 

Whatever the specifics of your personal story, those fears and thoughts probably created an exhausting internal argument, which caused you to protect yourself.  And sometimes the best strategy for protection was to just blend in with everyone else, and not really be all of who we are.  
On the path of learning psychic skills, in Psychic School, we give much support and validation for your psychic gifts. Your psychic ability IS real and it IS normal.   At this time in our culture it still may not be looked upon as just a part of life, like the Sunday Game or learning to ride a bike yet, but our world is changing.    

Oprah Winfrey has had many New Age Teachers and even Psychics on her show, which brought much more awareness regarding the unseen realm. This has made an opening that has given the psychic realm just a little more validation. 
Over the past 30 years, I have slowly noticed a different sentiment and just a bit more acceptance in society in general probably due to Oprah's efforts.     

However, if you have current fears about the process of “coming out” as a psychic, those fears are also valid.  Oprah’s awareness building did not change everything.  And, if you have hidden your gifts for quite some time from those around you, it could be a bit scary, having them meet the “new you,” for the first time.    

What has changed over the years is that there are now more places available where your psychic gifts can be accepted and supported.  And you don’t have to make that journey all by yourself.  You also don’t have to immediately announce it to your entire family or change your status on Facebook.  Although I would like to see the day where that is a setting similar to when you update your relationship status. Instead of “Patti is now Engaged to Douglas” you’d be able to change your status to “Patti is now Psychic.” 
Probably not going to happen soon, but the visionary inside of me can hope for the day. (smile)   

Even though our world can still be skeptical of what the psychic realm is, you don’t have to look to the world for support. Getting support from a community of those who are like-minded is such a gift to your self.  You can then get that validation and understanding mirrored back to you, as you will no longer need to hide such a crucial part of who you are within a community that gets it.   Even if you are getting support, like we have in Psychic School at MPI, it can still be challenging if loved ones are opposing you.  This is where learning the psychic skill of ‘psychic neutrality’ can keep you focused on what matters in the moment.     

This skill particularly aids in preventing the mind from clouding with emotional fears, or judgments. If we are caught in these it can create the opportunity for the opposing person to get in our energy field, making clarity even more difficult.  Psychic Neutrality is our ability to keep clearing our Psychic Space, in difficult moments with others, so that we can stay centered and not get attached to volatile emotions. It also really helps us hold true to who we are and not get caught up in having to please others.   

This greatly reduces the amount of stress we experience from these situations and from feeling we have to hide or alter who we are for others.  We will also feel grounded more of the time.  This skill will even help you be more effective at work, or when there are tragic world events happening.      

Learning to step into your psychic power is not only a technical journey to “become a professional psychic.”  Many who come for training know it is about fulfilling their soul’s purpose, and yet, that purpose could be some other passion or career path besides being a psychic reader. Their psychic reading skills are just an adjunct, used to empower other endeavors. 

You do not have to understand your soul’s calling to develop psychic skill. Trust the process and it can unfold as it needs to.   By practicing psychic skills in a setting that nourishes you, you become brave enough to truly love your self for who you are wholly. As you learn more Psychic Maturity Skills, you will be able to find more care and compassion, allowing your loved-ones  to be who they are as well, regardless of any differences.

This will build confidence for being happy in your unique shoes. And that feeling is a vibration we all seek to achieve. It brings our highest self into the present moment to live and breathe our spiritual gifts!   

Look for next month’s article on another one of the Top 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Develop our Psychic Gifts. And also, I will again highlight another Psychic Maturity Skill.   

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